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About Us

Professionalism is not the absence of Love. All our websites and apps are built with Love and meet the highest quality standards and use the latest technologies. We also don't accept any work that we find to be negative in nature and not aligned with our values of Truth, Beauty & Goodness.

Our Story

Urantia Tech was born as a result of developing a few spiritual websites that were easy to customize, easy to add content, and looked beautiful, bringing to life the very essence of the authors vision to communicate their unique ideas and spiritual aspirations. Because of our personal commitment to make our world a better place, we decided to specialize in the free development of any website that shares our vision of a peaceful, sustainable, and non-judgmental world where Love, Freedom, Compassion, Ethics, Equality, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are shared and experienced by all people. Urantia Tech embodies these qualities and brings these values into every project we develop. By partnering with other visionaries helping to develop their unique vision in complement with ours, we bring a unifying force for good to our world that is growing and moving toward a peaceful and sustainable destiny.

We are looking for clients who want to add their unique signature to this noble and benevolent cause to transform a world in confusion to a world moving toward Light and Life. Every new client adds to this vision and helps Urantia Tech grow our resources so we can help more visionaries bring their ideas to life. Please join with us and become a part of our enlightened family. You have great ideas, and we have the solutions to bring it to the world. Let’s get together and see what we can create!

Who We Are?

We are group of few highly technical individuals who decided to raise the positive vibrations of this planet by supporting Spiritual and Non-profit organizations, who want to do something good for the Humanity.

We even offered some of our services for free to individuals, who could not afford to pay but wanted to bring some positive changes to this world.

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The Team
  • Sangeet Kumar

    Founder & Director

What Our Customer Say

I would like to express my appreciation for the Sangeet Kumar does for me on the websites we support together.  He is prompt, thorough and very competent.

Vicki Vanderheyden
Magisterial Mission

Our Friends

We don't rely on sales calls or stuffy networking, our work comes from word-of-mouth. It's said that you're only as good as your last job.