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I have the opportunity to avail myself of the technical abilities provided by Sangeet.  I found Sangeet extraordinary in terms of his technical abilities and more importantly so very patient in interacting with me a technical novice at best.  I further found Sangeet to a delightful and spirit led person who is totally committed to service of others.   He is the real deal indeed

Marty Risacher
Retired Judge

I am so grateful that I found Sangeet Kumar and Urantia Tech to create the website for our non-profit along with its online newsletter, which, thanks to Sangeet's suggestion, is going to be available on PDF, video and streaming for hand held devices. Sangeet's IT skills at the top of cutting edge technology combined with a brilliant mind to creatively use them in a broad range of applications is truly amazing to experience as he clearly and simply explains how technology can greatly enhance your expectations beyond anything you could ever have imagined. Add to this his infinite patience in the process and his integrity providing trust and confidence that you are in good hands, I highly recommend using Urantia Tech. I know whereof I speak.

Allene Vick
Spiritual Healer

My task as a volunteer for the ©11:11 Progress Group is to post messages on the Group's French website, www.lesanges1111.com. I enjoy what I do and have some knowledge in this area, but I am by no means an IT expert and literally require some one-on-one attention due to my limited expertise. Sangeet Kumar has created a new website for us which boasts a truly beautiful Home page and is soooo very user friendly; where before I had to insert some HTML in the texts to keep the formatting steady when posting new messages, the new site made it a lot easier by allowing me to simply copy and paste the texts without adding HTML since the program does that automatically... which is quite nice. I have yet to venture out into the full capability of this new site, and Sangeet is very prompt and helpful during this transition in addressing any of my concerns. He has created some truly beautiful websites and I am very excited to be a part of the process of "birthing" our new French platform. A huge "thank you" to you, Mr. Kumar!

Veronique Hubert Harris
Les Anges 11:11

Urantia Tech is on the cusp of the very cutting edge of planetary Spiritual Sharing.  My personal experience with Sangeet Kumar has enabled me to continue an ongoing daily Spiritual blog on his Spirit Within website, and his technical expertise is exemplary.  I look forward to a continuing Spiritual relationship with UrantiaTech.com under Sangeet Kumar's Administration.

Gerald Farley
Jungian Clinical Psychologist

I found Urantia Tech very knowledgeable and up-to-date on their services. I would highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for an ethical company who are committed to giving back to society.

Michael Thomas

I would like to express my appreciation for the Sangeet Kumar does for me on the websites we support together.  He is prompt, thorough and very competent.

Vicki Vanderheyden
Magisterial Mission